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If you want to make a bid on any property  live or not P.Pericleous Real Estate can place a bid /go through the process on your behalf and help you make large savings, including  coordinating all legal documentation. We can  make bids on properties that meet your needs at the price you want.. Use our search tools to view properties for sale and we will take over from there.

Property auctions is a sales event wherein potential buyers place competitive bids on assets by which a bank or  financial institution, can sell the properties pursued in foreclosure proceedings. The asset in question will be sold to the party that places the highest bid in a public auction.

Auctions can be live, or they can be conducted on an online platform. The reserve price/minimum acceptable amount is calculated in accordance with the provisions of the foreclosure.

At the end of the process a reservation fee is requested to secure the property for 28 days, allowing the buyer time to get funds & have all the paperwork in order. As long as the exchange happens within the agreed timescale, the reservation fee is taken off the agreed sale price.

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